Unshaped refractory materials is the production of refractory materials revolution

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            Unshaped refractory materials is the production of refractory materials revolution,
        it can meet the needs of industrial modernization. Unshaped refractory brick is developing
        very rapidly in recent years, as Japan 1980 accounts for unshaped refractory 34.7%
        high alumina brick by 1990 for 47.5%.2000 year is close to 60%. United States and
        Western Europe in 1999 as 45%~50%. Currently monolithic refractories almost every field
        of furnaces and heating equipment, threatening to replace refractory products of potential.
        High performance castable will occupy a leading position in the future. Preparation and
        application of ultrafine powder and powder nanotechnology applications can improve the
        mechanical properties of castable, will focus on the development. Monolithic refractories for
        the production and use of construction comes true mechanical operation, able to accommodate
        future needs to abolish a heavy manual labour of industrial modernization and mechanization,
        automation, it is the direction of development of refractories.

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