Shenyang Shenlong Refractories Co., Ltd. founded in 1993, we have international trading experiences for more than 20 years.

        In 1995, together with Kurosaki Harima Corporation in Japan, we established a joint venture plant in Zhangqiu City, Shandong Province, China, specializing in production and distribution of refractory products.


         Who we are...

        Manufacturer and distributor of shaped refractory products.


         What we can do...

        Providing our friends with sincere, reliable, and satisfactory service.


         What we will do...

        Having our friends all over the word.

        • Introduction: Al2O3 content from 30% to 95%.High-alumina brick, Chamotte brick, mullite brick, etc.The specific shapes and technical indexes according to the customers’ requirement.
        • Introduction: MgO content from 90% to 97%. Pure magnesia brick, magnesia-carbon brick, magnesia-chrome brick, magnesia-alumina spinel brick used for cement industry, non-ferrous metals industry, steel making process And etc.
        • Introduction: grade23, grade26, grade28 and grade30.Ceramic fiber products include ceramic fiber blanket, board, paper, bulk, module, textiles and etc.Soluble fiber products include soluble fiber blanket, board and paper.
        • Introduction: The SiO2 content ≤ 99%.We can produce silica brick for coke oven, fused silica brick, semi-silica brick, insulating silica brick and etc.The specific shapes and indexes in production according to the customer’s requirement.

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         ( General manager)
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